Aeronautical Information Manual

This app includes the latest version of the Aeronautical Information Manual. When a new version of this manual becomes available, this app will automatically update and apply your highlights and bookmarks to the new version.

If you have iCloud enabled, all of your highlights and bookmarks will automatically synchronize across all of your iPhones and iPads.

The short introduction below shows how to:



You can navigate the AIM by swiping up or down to scroll through the pages and zoom in or out using the pinch gestures. Double tap to fit the page to the screen. We've also included a button, that when tapped, will show a list of page thumbnails and a button for the table of contents.




Highlighting text is quick and simple. When you select text using the long-press gesture, a pop-up menu will appear with the options to highlight or un-highlight your selection. If you are signed into iCloud, your highlights will synchronize across all of your devices.




Bookmarking pages from the AIM is accomplished by taping the bookmark button at the top right of the page. Tap the bottom again to remove the bookmark.

If you are signed into iCloud, your bookmarks will synchronize across all of your devices automatically.




Finding what you are looking for is quick and simple with our built-in full-text search engine. Start by tapping the search button, then enter your search keywords, then tap a row from the results. Your search terms will be automatically highlighted on the resulting page. You can turn off the highlight by taping page.




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